The farmers marathon

In order to take part in the famers marathon you need to get to the Fog Island through the whirlpool near your main island:


Push on the marathon icon in the top right corner.

Joe: Welcome to the Farmers Marathon! Click here to see your task.


Choose the task you'd like to complete and open the shop window.

Joe: Here you can see your reward and your task. If you don't like the task you can easily change it.


Acquire a neccessary for the task herb and plant it in bed. 

Joe: You'll need coins to buy beds. The more expensive the bed is, the longer it grows, but the reward is also bigger! Buy one pea bed.


Wait for the ripening and gather the harvest. Pay attention that you can always speed up the ripening process!

Joe: You can speed up the bed ripening any moment! Just choose a bed and click on the price button next to the remaining time!


You can see your achievements in the farmers marathon in this building.

Joe: You‘ll get rating points for each harvested bed and each completed task. Achievements and rewards are kept in this building.


Earn rating points and get unique rewards! 

Joe: Here you can see your current position in the table, the next and the best reward. Rewards for the top places are given out only at the end of the event!


Gather the harvest in time and complete the tasks that will bring you worthy rewards!

Joe: Harvest from the beds in time, don‘t forget about the tasks and use herbicide when clearing the territory! Good luck in the Farmers Marathon!

Good Luck!

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