How to make a report with Android Debug Bridge

What is needed:

1. Android Debug Bridge (ADB) for Windows 32bit – download

2. Android Debug Bridge (ADB) for Windows 64bit – download

3. PC with installed OS Windows 7 (or higher)

How to make a report

1. Download the required zip archive and extract it to any convenient path for you, for example, Disk C.

2. Now open the directory C:/adb/sdk/platform-tools (a path to the platform-tools folder may vary dependent on what directory you used to extract the archive.)

3. While at the platform-tools folder push and hold a Shift button and click by the right mouse button on any empty space in the folder:

 4. A command-line interface linked to the platform-tools folder will open:

5.Enter the command adb start-server in the field of command line, if the command is entered correctly, you will get the following message: 

6. Enable debug mode when connecting the USB on your device: "Settings"> "Options for developers"> "Debugging USB".

7. Connect your device to the computer. 

8. Enter the command adb logcat>logcat.txt. A file logcat.txt will appear there in the platform-tools folder.

9. Enter the command adb bugreport>result.txt. A file result.txt will appear there in the platform-tools folder.

10. Contact the support team via e-mail and attach these two files - logcat.txt и result.txt to your letter.

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